The training was assessed by employees as professional, both in terms of organization and content. Participants expressed their satisfaction with the INFRAMA educational initiative trainers, their preparation and the workshop method of conducting classes. Such method was conducive to the practical application of the provided content, and the friendly cooperation of trainers with training participants built a good atmosphere. The training materials have been prepared with due diligence and in an attractive way.

We recommend the trainers of the Heller group – Heller Ing. and Heller Consult as trustworthy professionals.


Marek Radion, MSc., Director

The District Road Authority in Rzeszow

The training took the form of lectures and workshops that were conducted in a professional, understandable and engaging manner. The training was characterized by high substantive level, trainers’ experience, friendly atmosphere and attention to quality as well as effective communication. Particularly noteworthy is listening to the participants’ needs, flexibility, high level of competence of the company’s employees and full support at every stage. We recommend Heller Consult sp. z o.o. as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Marian Gołoś, MSc., Head of the Department

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Warsaw Department

Lecturers from the Heller Group demonstrated great organizational efficiency and professionalism in the preparation and conducting of training, and also presented extensive knowledge and experience in the discussed topics. The manner of implementation and friendly atmosphere during the training encouraged discussion and asking questions. I recommend Dr. Heller and his team as an experienced partner with extensive knowledge in the field of Road Asset Management, guaranteeing a high level of training.


Zbigniew Tabor, MSc., Director

The Voivodeship Road Authority in Katowice

The training has been prepared and conducted with the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to excellent communication preceding the training and listening to the Client’s needs, it has been tailored to the needs and expectations. The effects of the developed topics have many times exceeded our expectations of the final result. Substantive issues were presented synthetic and cross-sectional, with a dose of charisma and clarity. They were also illustrated with numerous practical industry examples. The trainer’s involvement and kindness made the training atmosphere conducive to discussion and clarifying all of the doubts.

We recommend Heller Ing. as a trustworthy partner who has knowledge and experience in Asset Management and is able to share it in an accessible way.

DI Christian Honeger
DI Mario Krmek