INFRAMA trains the employees of the Austrian company ASFINAG about BIM (Building Information Modeling)

August 21st, 2020 |

The administration of roads and highways in Austria is in the responsibility of the state-owned company ASFiNAG. Its task is not only to plan and build the road network, but also to maintain and manage the vignette collection system. The maintenance and modernization of a network of 2,223 km of Austrian motorways, 383 km of tunnels and 5,766 bridges reaches the amount of around EUR 1.2 billion a year.

The imposed strict requirements, according to which it is possible to maintain and expand the high-intensity motorway network, prompted ASFiNAG to use a modern management system for administrated infrastructure resources.

The ASFINAG employees of the Asset Management Department have at their disposal the best practices and world standards. They regularly improve their skills by organizing and participating in workshops and seminars, thus developing the existing Asset Management system in the company. Some of the seminars have been run for years by our expert Dr. Sławomir Heller, who prepares dedicated trainings tailored to the needs of the particular organization, focusing mainly on the practical application of ISO standards for the purposes of broadly understood Asset Management.

The workshops on the practical application of ISO 55000 (Asset Management) and ISO 31000 (Risk Management) standards, organized at the ASFiNAG headquarters, were highly appreciated by the participants. This year’s workshop, due to the pandemic, took the form of two 4-hour webinars and covered the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in accordance with ISO 19650 and the integration of BIM in the Asset Management system at ASFINAG. The main aim of the workshop was to present and discuss the requirements and benefits of the application of Building Information Modeling standards and the possibility of their practical implementation in Asset Management at ASFINAG. At the end, each participant received a personal and numbered TUV certificate confirming the participation and the importance of the workshops organized by INFRAMA.