INFRAMA experts at the Public Roads Workshop Seminar

March 1st, 2020 |

Workshop seminars are a series of trainings organized by the Autostrady (Motorways) magazine, directed towards the investment management staff of cities, communes and districts. They take place in various regions of Poland and concern comprehensive implementation of most kinds of roads, such as commune and district, as well as sidewalks and bikeways. Two out of four planned meetings have already taken place, the first one in Ruciane Nida, a city located in north-eastern Poland, and the second one in Sandomierz, situated in the East.

Our experts from Heller Consult, Jan Zieliński, Agata Ciołkosz-Styk, and Wojciech Smęt were invited to deliver a series of presentations on the following topic: “How to maintain pedestrian and bicycle paths in good condition for many years?”. They have presented methods and tools, that influence decision making processes, based on the Road Asset Management methodology.

During our classes, current questions are answered, including:

  • What does the road administrator have real influence on?
  • Where to look for financial reserves?
  • How to optimize economic decisions?
  • How to effectively use distributed data?
  • What might a good management plan look like?

We sincerely recommend two upcoming events in Toruń and Wrocław, Poland.