INFRAMA at Warsaw University of Technology Postgraduate Studies

July 30th, 2020 |

20th  and 21st of June we had an opportunity to share our knowledge of Asset Management with the students of postgraduate studies “Operation and Maintenance of Roads” at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Our experts dr Sławomir Heller and dr Agata Ciołkosz-Styk delivered online lectures as part of the Road Management course. Two days classes were divided into topic sections in the spirit of Asset Management, were key issues related to infrastructure management (e.g. maintenance planning, BIM or risk management) were  discussed. We couldn’t miss the element always highly appreciated by the participants of our trainings, which is the INFRAMA workshop. This time, it included requirements for road infrastructure management systems, which have turned out to be not that easy and obvious to identify. We would like to thank all the students for active participation in these classes and the positive feedback.