BIM: INFRAMA training in the Voivodeship Road Authority in Katowice in accordance with ISO 19650: 2018

March 15th, 2020 |

The Voivodeship Road Authority in Katowice (ZDW Katowice) is Poland’s leader in applying modern management procedures and processes.

Since 2005, the road condition diagnostics have been regularly implemented in the management board in accordance with the guidelines of ZTV-ZEB-StB. Road load capacity is regularly recorded using current methods (traffic speed deflectometer – TSD or weight loss deflectometer – FWD). It is taken into account when planning maintenance. In ZDW Katowice, apart from collecting technical data, which is crucial in decision-making, continuous improvement of organization management is emphasized. The improvement is based on pragmatic procedures. The main goal is to identify the requirements and needs of stakeholders and prioritize actions to ensure their optimal implementation.

Workshops on Road Asset Management and Risk Management

Thanks to the consistent and continuous education, a very high level of awareness has been achieved among management’s decision-makers, especially when it comes to the requirement of systematic management. Numerous courses and trainings on various specialized topics take place here regularly. In recent months, a couple of full-day internal courses and workshops on Road Asset Management and Risk Management have taken place. They were organized separately for management, technicians and other administrative staff. The trainings were conducted by Sławomir Heller, and Agata Ciołkosz-Styk from HELLER Consult.

Sławomir Heller podczas szkolenia

On 12 March 2020, the first basic BIM course was organized at headquarters of the Voivodeship Road Authority in Katowice. It was conducted in accordance with ISO 19650: 2018. The course was an original project of the INFRAMA Academy under supervision of our expert Sławomir Heller. The training program was previously certified by TÜV. All of the board members were present, as well as department and project managers. Everyone obtained a certificate from TÜV-Hessen for participating in the course. The training received very positive feedback from participants who expressed desire to put BIM management approach into practice. They have also found a practical component in information management. They decided to use it among the executives, as an important part of Asset Management.