Sławoimr Heller

Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.

Sławomir Heller was born in Warsaw and is a graduate in Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology and a doctor of technical sciences. He is still associated with the Warsaw University of Technology since graduation. Initially as a scientific and didactic fellow, in later years as the initiator and lecturer of the course “Road Information Systems” and now as a lecturer at the postgraduate studies “Operation and Maintenance of Roads”.

Since 1990 he has moved the main focus of his professional activity to Germany. Working at TÜV Hessen, he developed the basis of the German system for evaluating the technical condition of roads, which has been in use in Germany so far and is also being implemented in other countries, including Poland.

In 2001, Sławomir Heller founded HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, a consulting company which he has managed for years and in which, in addition to the owner’s responsibilities, he currently holds the position of senior consultant and is responsible for international connections.

In 2016 Sławomir Heller was nominated German delegate to the World Road Association PIARC and this mandate was extended for a further 4-year term.

In his private life he is married, has two children and one grandchild. He listens to jazz and is a marathon runner. He ran 17 marathons, including all the biggest in the world.

Conference and seminar speeches:

  • Abu-Dhabi , UAE, October 2019, XXVI World Road Congress, PIARC, Asset Management – Dissemination and Education (en)
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia, October 2018, European Road Congress: Asset Management as a challenge of the 21st century, 5 years after the ERF-Manifesto Keeping Europe Moving (en)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , October 2018, PIARC Seminars: Asset Management or Managing Assets? (en)
  • Nanjing, China, March 2018: Introduction for Asset Management and Risk Management (en)
  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia, May 2017: General Requirements for Road Asset Management Education Courses, PIARC Seminar Asset Management for Rural and Low Volume Roads (en)
  • Gdańsk, Poland, March 2017: Introduction for Asset Management (pl)
  • Glasgow, Great Britain, November 2016: Standards for Asset Management (ang) – PIARC TC D.1

Selected articles about Asset Management:

  • Heller, S.: BIM (Building Information Modeling) na usługach zarządcy infrastruktury drogowej, Elamed, Magazine Autostrady, 5/2020
  • Ciołkosz-Styk, A., Heller, S.Zarządzanie ryzykiem w Road Asset Management zgodnie z normą ISO 31000Elamed, Magazine Autostrady, 9/2019
  • Heller, S.: Edukacja o Asset Management potrzebuje stabilnych fundamentów – interview, Elamed, Magazine Autostrady, 6-7/2019
  • Darvin, D., Heller, S., Lindstrom, Y.: Requirements for the Education of Road Asset Managers – A PIARC Approach, PIARC, Route/Roads 2nd Q/2019
  • Degelmann, R., Heller, S., Korn, M.: Guidelines für ein Infrastructure Asset Management im Freistaat Bayern,Verlag, Straße und Autobahn, 6/2018
  • Heller, S., Zembrot, M.: Aufstellung eines systematischen Erhaltungsmanagements für die Bundes- und Landesstraßen in Baden-Württemberg, Verlag, Straße und Autobahn, 3/2018
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  • Heller, S.: Zastosowanie metod kompleksowego zarządzania infrastrukturą w drogownictwie, Road engineering, 12/2016
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  • Degelmann, R., Heller, S.: Kennzahlen zur systematischen Beschreibung und Weiterentwicklung der Straßeninfrastruktur im Freistaat Bayern, Kirschbaum Verlag, Straßenverkehrstechnik, 6/2016
  • Heller, S.: Methods for pavement maintenance planning at operational level and distribution of maintenance funds among sub-networks, PIARC, Route/Roads 2nd Q/2015
  • Heller, S.Zarządzanie Infrastrukturą Drogową – wyzwania i szanse Elamed, Magazine Autostrady, 8-9/2013

Lectures and trainings:

  • ZDW Katowice, March 2020, training for managers BIM (Building Information Modelling) –basic course
  • City of Münster , Office of Mobility and Civil Engineering, February 2020, training “BIM (Building Information Modelling) gemäß ISO 19650“
  • INFRAMA Academy, 2018-2020, a series of trainings and workshops on Road Asset Managament
  • Warsaw University of Technology, postgraduate studies, 2016 – 2020, a series of lectures on Road Asset Management and supervision of the thesis on Asset Management..
  • Bergische Universität Wuppertal, 2016- 2020 , series of lectures Monitoring in Road Operation – Asset Management
  • Technical Committee Asset Management PIARC, 2016 – 2020, member of PIARC and representative of Germany at a series of committee meetings.
  • ZDW Katowice, December 2018, a series of training courses on voivodship road management in Silesia on Zarządzania ryzykiem w Asset Management
  • Southeast University in Nanjing (China), June 2018, lecture: Asset Management and Resilience of Road Infrastructure
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Information systems for road construction
  • Monitoring and assessment of the pavement condition
  • Pavement Management Systems (PMS)