Wojciech Smęt

A Tool is Only as Good as its Users.

Wojciech Smęt started his cooperation with Heller Consult while studying Computer Science at the University in Biała Podlaska. Since 2008 he has been developing working as a data coding operator at the beginning through a software tester and project manager to a head manager of a branch in Biała Podlaska.

He conducts projects in the field of damage identification and acquisition of data from photo-recording. He participates in diagnostic, research and developing projects carried out by Heller Consult. He is also responsible for transformations and data processing and ensuring the quality of IT projects.

Privately, a husband and father of two children. Likes literature and science fiction and motorsport.

  • Bergmann-Syren, J., Smet, W., Komma, C. & Skakuj, M. (2017): The Long-Term Observation Section on Motorway BAB A5 in Hesse as a Data Source for Research in the field of Road Maintenance. In: World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM)
  • Smet, W. & Skakuj, M. (2018): Influencing factors on the visibility of surface distresses. In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 356, 1-10. URL: iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1757-899X/356/1/012004
  • Traffic information systems
  • Identification and diagnostics of surface condition
  • Processing and integration of road data
  • Road registry
  • Reference systems