Karol Opara

Care for quality

Karol Opara is a computer scientist and economist, a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Economics. His work on the valuation of road infrastructure won the award of Minister of Transportation  for the MSc thesis in 2011. After PhD studies at the Institute of Computer Science ,Polish Academy of Sciences, he defended in 2014 his dissertation on evolutionary algorithms at the Institute of System Research PAS. His research interests also include data modelling and analysis methods and their various applications. In 2019 he received a scholarship from the Minister of Science for outstanding young scientists.

Since 2010 he has been cooperating with Heller Consult focusing on research and development issues. Currently, he is the technical manager of the Aspen project, co-financed by the European Space Agency, which aims to assess the condition of the surface using smartphones mounted in the vehicle.

In his free time he likes singing. He appreciates an abstract sense of humour.

Lectures and training

  • Doctoral School of Information Technology and Biomedical Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences PAN , 2020, preparation and delivery of a full-semeter course Statistics and data analysis.
  • Warsaw University of Technology, MCs studies, 2012, 2013, and Rzeszów University of Technology, MCs studies, 2013, 2018, developing and conducting part of the subject Road information systems.
  • Heller Consult, 2016-2019, series of trainings for employees: (1) Pavement Condition Surveys, (2) Coordinated pavement maintenance systems, (3) Basics of statistics and data processing.
  • Voivodship Road Authorities Katowice, 2017, Training and workshop for the board’s employees entitled “Characteristics of road asset management systems”.
  • Research Institute of Roads and Bridges, 2014, Training “Online road data access system “Droga Online” for research staff of IBDiM.


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  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Econometric
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Optimisation