Annual exchange of experiences in Darmstadt

Since 2007, HELLER has been running an annual event in Darmstadt where road and traffic professionals can share their practical experience and learn from one another. Every autumn, about 80 experts join together from the road administrations of the federal government, the states, districts and municipalities, from abroad as well as from universities and other higher education institutions.

The mix of expert presentations and plenty of opportunities for discussion in large and small groups allows knowledge, information, news and trends to be optimally exchanged. Looking outside the box guarantees new impulses and valuable opportunities for comparison and orientation.

Save the date! The next exchange of experiences will take place in Novemeber 2021. Please contact us if you need more information.

Previous events:

  • 2019 – Exchange of experiences: Digitization and ZEB on urban roads
  • 2018 – Exchange of experience: Asset Management Maintenance Management
  • 2017 – Exchange of experience: Asset Management
  • 2016 – Exchange of experiences: ZEB and maintenance management
  • 2015 – Exchange of experience: ZEB and national road maintenance management
  • 2014 – Exchange of experiences: Measuring resistance at network level
  • 2013 – Exchange of experiences: Coordinated maintenance
  • 2012 – Exchange of experiences: OnKo information system
  • 2011 – Exchange of experiences: Ensuring the ZEB process
  • 2010 – Exchange of experiences: Planning the maintenance of bicycle lanes
  • 2009 – Exchange of experiences: ESB, quality assurance and condition analysis
  • 2007 – Exchange of experiences: ZEB and national road maintenance management