INFRAMA Academy conducts wide range of trainings, workshops and seminars on road infrastructure management. Our offer is aimed both at organizations wishing to improve the qualifications of their specialists and managers in a thoughtful way, as well as individuals who want to expand their knowledge and skills.

The activities of the INFRAMA Academy are focused on:

  • linking managerial and engineering aspects
  • orientation towards global standards and use of national and international best practices
  • showcase numerous examples and solutions aimed at supporting participants in their daily work
  • ensuring the involvement of all participants in the workshops

INFRAMA Academy workshops and trainings are available in an open mode, which you can subscribe online or by e-mail, as well as dedicated mode, prepared according to the needs of the client.

* Our training programs are certified by TÜV *

Open workshops and webinars

Check our current offer:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for road infrastructure management

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Managing risk in infrastructure management – investment process

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Managing risk in infrastructure management – maintenance process

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Roads register and periodic road inspections, as elements of systemic road management

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Dedicated workshops


Organizations interested in specific topics outside of open training list or wishing to provide training exclusively to their staff can benefit from dedicated workshops. In this mode, the content of the course is adjusted to the ordering organization. We work with examples from your company and together with you we work out solutions based on Asset Management standards, PIARC recommendations and our industry experience.


For organizations that want to:

  • broaden knowledge and skills on selected issues
  • use particular examples from their own experience
  • engage participants through created by the INFRAMA innovative forms such as business games and simulations
  • consolidate knowledge in consultation with the trainers after the workshop.

5 steps of INFRAMA dedicated worskhop process

Our events


INFRAMA is an ambassador for Asset Management and Risk Management in road management. We instill the ISO 55000 guidelines and the achievements of the World Road Organization PIARC into the Poland’s road infrastructure market by improving the knowledge and managerial skills of road administration. At our lectures and workshops co-organized with local governments and road associations, we deliver valuable management tools and techniques necessary for every road manager.

Road Infrastructure Management Congress

In December 2019, as the initiators of this event, the INFRAMA Academy hosted the road industry at the first edition of Road Infrastructure Management Congress, which we co-organized with the Polish Road Congress. It was an event on a national scale with about 100 participants, including many distinguished guests, such as the President of World Road Association PIARC, Claude Van Rooten, and the Acting General Director for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), Tomasz Żuchowski. >>>

WDSN WORKSHOP (Guidelines for Condition Surface and Evaluation)

In 2018, on behalf of six Voivodeship Roads Authorities, we developed the Guidelines for Condition Surface and Evaluation (WDSN) adapted to the needs of Polish voivodeship roads. These are the first guidelines in Poland which comprehensively relate to the assessment of technical condition in order to meet the requirements of Voivodeship Road Administrators. In April 2019, the first in a series of WDSN workshops took place >>>


Since 2007, HELLER has been running an annual event in Darmstadt where road and traffic professionals can share their practical experience and learn from one another. Every autumn, about 80 experts join together from the road administrations of the federal government, the states, districts and municipalities, from abroad as well as from universities and other higher education institutions. >>>


The idea of organizing the exchange of experience platform between road managers, confronted with the need to select specific methods, techniques and tools for road diagnostics and maintenance planning was first implemented by HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft in Darmstadt in 2007. The authors of this idea noticed that many administrators have a great distance to the information delivered at most conferences and seminars. This is because the success stories of the techniques and innovative methods dominate there can only be verified and evaluate to see if they have met expectation in the future. >>>


What expectations towards innovative solutions on the market of services and products are formulated by infrastructure managers? What projects should a consulting company invest in first? HELLER Ingenieurgesellschaft is also looking for answers to these questions during “Castle seminars”. These are regular debates within the historical walls of the Darmstadt castle, during which HELLER Group employees discuss the planned directions of their own research and implementation work. These discussions are listened to, but also attended by the invited representatives of the most important clients >>>


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