Asset Management Plan

Asset Management

In order to achieve the asset management objectives, measures must be planned and recorded in the so-called asset management plans. Asset management plans describe the required activities, the resources to be allocated and the time frames necessary f... more

Decision-making levels

Asset Management

Asset management is performed on three levels. At the lowest level, the life cycle of individual asset objects is optimized. The next higher level refers to the management of asset systems, e.g. the pavement on the network level. The next, third leve... more

Asset Management is not Managing Assets

Asset Management

In the last 10-15 years at the latest, asset management has lived "a double life": on the one hand, it has been the traditional term used since the 1970s for planning procedures in maintenance management (such as PMS), and on the other, it has been t... more


Asset Management

Although the certification of an organization according to ISO 55001 is not a necessary prerequisite for the successful implementation and sustainable operation of an asset management system, it can objectively demonstrate through regular external au... more

Resilience of the Infrastructure

Risk Management

For several years now, risk management in relation to infrastructure has been accompanied by the term resilience. The UN Office of Disaster Risk Reduction defines resilience as "the ability of a system, community or society exposed to hazards to resi... more


Risk Management

As the complexity and interdependence of different infrastructure systems increases, so do risks that cannot be dealt with using "classic" risk management methods. Thus, one investigates the "vulnerability" of entire infrastructure systems, such as t... more