Asset Management System

Asset Management

According to ISO 55000, the term asset management stands for the systematic and coordinated management and maintenance of the assets of an organization with the aim of creating value. The asset management system provides the appropriate organizationa... more

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Information Asset

The information must always be aggregated according to the tasks to be undertaken and made available to decision-makers in a transparent form. While raw data, pavement condition indicators and values or key figures for single maintenance sections are... more

Context of the Organization

Asset Management

One of the most important intentions of asset management is to ensure that all tasks for the implementation of systems, methods and techniques are formulated with consideration of the unique environment of the respective organization. The ISO 55000 s... more

Asset Management Policy

Asset Management

Top management must define the policy for asset management and document it in an appropriate form. The asset management policy is often written as a relatively short statement in a separate document or as part of the strategic asset management plan (... more

Asset Management Objectives

Asset Management

The asset management objectives are derived from the organizational objectives and must correspond to the asset management policy and take into account applicable requirements. The asset management objectives should be defined according to the SMART ... more

Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)

Asset Management

The asset management objectives are translated into the strategic asset management plan. This is regarded as the central document of the asset management system. It describes how the organization's goals are derived from the asset management objectiv... more